24th to 26th May 2019

Meet Holly, Arts Co-ordinator at Gallery i and organiser of Dundee Art Fair

Beavering away behind the scenes of Dundee Art Fair is Holly Graham.  She has brought the fair together over the last few months ahead of its debut this weekend, 24-26 May 2019. 

Her role, which as been instrumental, has has made Holly responsible for finding artists, liaising with exhibitors, organising materials, co-ordinating promotional materials and designing the floor plan.  It’s a big job and it’s all coming together, thanks to Holly!  We thought it would be nice for our exhibitors and followers to put a face to the name and meet Holly, who works so hard in the background.

Holly has worked with Kim Curson and Mark Gask at Gallery i for the last 5 ½ years.  During this time, she has played a fundamental role in developing the gallery and finding new artists, who have gone on to flourish.  She was responsible for introducing Kerry Darlington to Gallery i, among others, such as Manchester-based artist, Chris Rivers.

With an eye for spotting up-and-coming talent and a lifelong interest in art, it is fair to she’s found her vocation in life.  Having worked in the care sector in the past and then being heavily involved in running a family bathroom business, Holly puts her organisational skills to good use in the gallery, playing a crucial part in the business. 

When Holly was first told about Dundee Art Fair just under a year ago, she was thrilled and has since put all her energy into making the show a success.  She said: “Since day one, it has been all go and it’s been great fun.  Although I’ve enjoyed organising the fair, the best bit has been speaking to artists and hearing the stories behind their work – they are inspiring.  There’s a lot who I haven’t met, so I can’t wait until Friday to meet them in person – there are so many talented individuals attending.  It’s exciting!”

Kim Curson, Holly’s Manager and Partner at Gallery comments: “It’s been great working with Holly over the last five years.  She has a lot of energy and enthusiasm, which is infectious.  She brings so much personality to her role and it’s been great to see her grow and develop, with the business.  She’s been a great asset for Dundee Art Fair and we really appreciate all of her hard work.  I hope she’ll now be able to relax and enjoy the fair!”

Look out for Holly at Dundee Art Fair, which is taking place from 24-26 May 2019 at Caird Hall, Dundee. For more information on exhibitors visit: https://www.thedundeeartfair.co.uk/index.php/exhibitors

Bob crooks pushes the boundaries with his contemporary glassware

Bob Crooks is one of Britain’s leading glassmakers and is recognised for achieving excellence in studio glass for over 30 years. Renowned for his high quality, skilfully executed forms, Bob is continuously pushing the boundaries of this medium and challenging himself to produce original and dynamic pieces.

His work has been exhibited at international level and in noted exhibitions in Italy, China, Scandinavia, Australia and the USA. His pieces also feature in major exhibitions in the UK including the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and the Royal Academy.

Bob’s pieces are inspired by Geometry, Architecture, the Natural and Man-made worlds we live in as well as the qualities and capabilities of the glass itself. Bob exploits the many properties of the material through refraction or reflection; sharpness or softness, transparency or opacity, working with its fluidity and ‘freezing’ it as the desired form is realised. Each piece is designed, handmade and finished by Bob. No moulds are used to create the forms or the varying surfaces he achieves making each piece a truly unique work of art.

A Heart of Glass will be showcasing Bob's work at Dundee Art Fair, 24-26 May 2019 - Stand 6. 


Complexity Vase - Bob Crooks                  





Meet Fife-based artist, Philippa Mitchell, who specialises in landscapes and birds

Philippa Mitchell is one of over 50 artists who will be exhibiting at The Dundee Art Fair on 24-26 May 2019.  Philippa trained as a ceramic print designer, which is where she found her love for colour and pattern, as well as drawing and painting skills.


Inspired by observations and impressions of the places she has experienced, she conveys her interest of the natural environment in her paintings.  Using mainly oils, but sometimes mixed media, Philippa paints often with a bird focus, including sea birds such as puffins and harbours as well as landscapes.  She paints what she encounters and uses her work to share her experiences with others.


She comments: “I’m really looking forward to Dundee Art Fair, where I’ll be exhibiting with my friend, Christine Macintyre. This is the next opportunity I will have to exhibit the new work I have made over the winter.”


Philippa has lived and worked in many areas around the UK including the Highlands of Scotland, Gloucestershire, Mid Wales and the Norfolk fens. She is currently based in the East Neuk of Fife, near St.Andrews, Scotland.


During April & May 2019, Philippa is the artist in residence at Cambo Gardens near Kingsbarns, St Andrews.  She said: “I have been visiting the walled gardens over the last couple of years and I’ve always found the colour and planting very inspiring no matter the season. It turns out that spring is one of the best times! I am really enjoying being outside and drawing and painting direct from life as the new leaves, blossom and bulbs bring life back after the winter. The residency is giving me a chance to experiment in different media, which is liberating because I have been painting in oils for many months.”


Philippa hopes to bring one or two pieces from her residency to the fair, along with a couple of Tay Bridge scenes.


Come and see Philippa’s work at Stand 5 at Dundee Art Fair.



Switching drumsticks for paintbrushes, Chris Rivers uses art to provoke imagination

Chris Rivers has gone from travelling the world with music to travelling the world with art. 

After ten years as a drummer in rock band, Heaven’s Basement, his sketches on drums with sharpie pens helped him find his calling in art.  In 2016, he put down his drumsticks for one last time to pursue his passion in painting.  Now, fast becoming a name in the circles of art, his work is gaining interest from across the globe.

With a distinctive abstract style, Chris’s work aims to get the imagination flowing.  The self-taught artist from Manchester doesn’t believe in a right or a wrong way with anything creative.  He enjoys the process of trial and error and he uses this journey to find perfection in his work.  His paintings are abstract, expressive and thought-provoking.

Chris is not scared to push the boundaries.  His work tends to be very delicate and precise or the complete opposite, using mountains of colour to create his masterpieces.  His inspiration for this came from other great artists, such as Goya, who went from tapestry and court paintings to ‘black paintings’ and Odilon Redon, who switched from using very little colour to an explosion of colour in his work.

Chris, who is now based at a studio in Bolton, Lancashire, is looking forward to exhibiting at Dundee Art Fair.  He said: “It will be great to visit Dundee and take part in its first ever Art Fair.  The city seems to be the place of culture at the moment, with the regeneration work that’s been going on and the V&A opening last year. The Dundee Art Fair can only add to that traction and it’s great to be a part of it.”

Come and meet Chris and see his work at stand x, Dundee Art Fair.  Dundee Art Fair is taking place between 24-26 May 2019.






Spotlight on Contemporary Glass Artist, Fay Miller

Fay Miller is a Contemporary Glass Artist who's work will be on sale at Dundee Art Fair on 24-26 May 2019 - at a Heart of Glass stand 6.

Here's a bit more about Fay:

American artist, Fay Miller, began her career as a graphic designer but soon turned her attentions to glass and her need to express her creativity through 3-dimensional objects. Intrigued by the reflective sheen of glass, Fay’s work tends to be surface oriented, highly decorative and disciplined. She delights in the random beauty of glass and how she can exploit the medium to produce solid contemporary forms.

 “Interpreting and refining the multitude of stimuli that bombard my brain is what my work is about. Every day I see things I want to recreate - leaves blowing in the wind, buildings rising in the city, political debates on television, seasons changing the landscape. I incorporate elements of whimsy wildness and intense colour. The beauty, geometry and harshness of the natural world drive my creative process.”

 Fay’s work is exhibited across the US and Canada and she has undertaken many private commissions including designing awards for Amnesty International and LA Weekly.

A Heart of Glass first discovered Fay’s glass pieces on a trip to New York.  Commenting on their collaboration, Jo Mullins from A Heart of Glass said: "On discovering Fay's amazing work, we simply couldn’t believe what she was able to achieve in glass. Once home, we made contact and some 12 years on we are delighted to continue to represent Fay’s work exclusively in the UK."

To see more of Fay's work, come along to Dundee Art Fair on 24-26 May 2019.  Click here to buy your tickets.