24th to 26th May 2019

Switching drumsticks for paintbrushes, Chris Rivers uses art to provoke imagination

Chris Rivers has gone from travelling the world with music to travelling the world with art. 

After ten years as a drummer in rock band, Heaven’s Basement, his sketches on drums with sharpie pens helped him find his calling in art.  In 2016, he put down his drumsticks for one last time to pursue his passion in painting.  Now, fast becoming a name in the circles of art, his work is gaining interest from across the globe.

With a distinctive abstract style, Chris’s work aims to get the imagination flowing.  The self-taught artist from Manchester doesn’t believe in a right or a wrong way with anything creative.  He enjoys the process of trial and error and he uses this journey to find perfection in his work.  His paintings are abstract, expressive and thought-provoking.

Chris is not scared to push the boundaries.  His work tends to be very delicate and precise or the complete opposite, using mountains of colour to create his masterpieces.  His inspiration for this came from other great artists, such as Goya, who went from tapestry and court paintings to ‘black paintings’ and Odilon Redon, who switched from using very little colour to an explosion of colour in his work.

Chris, who is now based at a studio in Bolton, Lancashire, is looking forward to exhibiting at Dundee Art Fair.  He said: “It will be great to visit Dundee and take part in its first ever Art Fair.  The city seems to be the place of culture at the moment, with the regeneration work that’s been going on and the V&A opening last year. The Dundee Art Fair can only add to that traction and it’s great to be a part of it.”

Come and meet Chris and see his work at stand x, Dundee Art Fair.  Dundee Art Fair is taking place between 24-26 May 2019.