24th to 26th May 2019

Exhibitor's Details

Chris Rivers Art

Stand 18

I’m a self-taught artist from Manchester, England who comes from a background of art and music.
My main passion growing up was playing drums which led me to being the drummer for UK rock band Heaven’s Basement for 10 years, my time during this band took me on tour all around the world,  I never really thought I would do anything else.
It was during a four-month tour of the U.S in late 2013 I decided to sketch on one of my used drumheads after a show using some sharpie pens.  This then happened night after night on tour and ideas about artwork started flooding my mind and I was hooked.
In late 2016 I decided to step away from the music business and commit to putting all my energy into my paintings, by which time I’d become completely obsessed with.
I don’t believe in a right or wrong way with anything creative. I enjoy the process of trail and error and learning things for yourself, it’s same mentality as I had to playing drums.
I love going into the unknown and painting with a certain amount of not having a plan about where it’ll go.
I’m currently painting at my studio space in Bolton, Lancashire. Visitors are welcome by appointment